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Better late than never


Dear Dear internets its been a long day.

*just a note that my nifty little feature I’ve been trying to use at the bottom of my posts should now work – click a picture and tell me if it expands the image for you

I stayed home from work today and got to be with little Miss Bri. Who was STOKED by this turn of events. She kept coming to check like – “hey, you’re still here! Sweet!” then she would walk off to find something else to get into. Did you catch that? my little girl is WALKING ALL OVER THE PLACE! its barely been a week since she took her first step and shes just flying all over the place. She likes to hold a finger still, mostly because she likes to be holding on to you. Shes the most independent dependent person I’ve ever seen.

We went to church Wed. after noon, just because. More because lately I’ve needed to go for me. my husband gets my restless spirit and has been very understanding and open to attending where ever i want to go. I expect I’ll probably try and make bible study this week as well. We’ll see. He’s been very concerned about me as of late and I’ve tried to explain that the first year of any business is a little nerve racking.

All in all I have such little room to be nerve racked, my biggest complaint – things are not moving at HYPER SPACE drive speed. YET.

And that’s a good thing – I’m using this time to get my kids acclimated to longer stretches of me being home and doing the mom thing and then the periodic two or three day stretches where I have a shoot every day during what used to be us time. I’m also making a point of spending more time with the family as individuals. Cammy and I spend a little more time together, I encourage her to help with dinner even if it will cause things to hit the table a little later than planned. I have recently been reminded that over planning in general is probably not the best option for us a family. We have always worked better as a shifting unit. Now if I could just earn enough for somebody to come and do our laundry, I think that is my success point. When i can comfortably say I can afford for somebody to come and do our laundry I’ve done what I need to do, in the mean time I think i may take a page from a friends book and just BUY new clothes. Seems so much easier somehow.

morning-cammy Cammy is such a teenager stuck in the body of a four year old. What pray tell do you do with such a creature? I am not the mom to her I want to be. And I am working on that. Cammy is the kind of kid who should be in all manner of extra circular activities. This fall that is a MAJOR goal of mine. To find the things she would like to get into and well, get her into them. I think we are gonna try a sport, probably dance and swimming, and an art, probably music. We have a piano, she likes to play it. Maybe we should nurture that.

Husband isn’t blogging enough for anything I say about him to be a spoiler over on his blog. I expect alot of his peeps read here cause otherwise you think we’ve fallen off the face of the earth. He’s been workin up a good little storm. He gets along with his coworkers from what I can tell. Its hard not to like Jerry though, you sorta gotta work on that. He’s taken to role playing on line, which I think he enjoys it gives him creative ideas for his writing. So i’m hoping to encourage his writing more. We are both starting to work out more, although since Jerry is a man – his efforts are visible WAY faster than anything I could ever, ever hope for. But we are well, he is a joy to love.  Some days are more interesting than other but man, he does make them colorful.

We went to dinner with our grown up friends the other day. Once a month we make a point to have dinner – not date night mind you but dinner with adults away from the kids. Date night is great and all but it takes more than one night a month to keep things movin around these parts. So once a month we go to dinner with our grown up friends who don’t have kids or couples, and are free to do as they want, even visiting adult sites like sometimes, or getting adult services as Zoom Escorts. Some times its a little more financially taxing cause the night starts off with you 25-40 dollars in the whole from paying a sitter and your single friends they don’t quite get that. Ours are getting better though we had a FANNY-tastic time. Our chosen location was Vin de Set in South City.

We’ve eaten at its sister restaurant on many an occasion but this was our first time there. Things I would recommend, the cheese plate was excellent. Our waiter made perfect recommendations. I had the duck which was beautifully prepared. Funny cause i love ducks in general, it seems odd to me that I order duck when ever I can.

three different people ordered the pork tenderloin special and while it was good, the tender loin that Adam order WAS OFF THE CHAIN. Literally, they easily must have laid a chain next to the plate to prove the point it was so good.  i don’t know if the company made the food better but MAN, we had such a good time. It couldn’t have hurt the meal that the company was awesome. Some of the pictures below are my favorite ever of my friends, yes they aren’t PERFECT but they capture them perfectly.

Highslide JSNow speaking of Perfect I am posting a new session this weekend I had the joy of photographing MommyMae and her beautiful family. She is the most calm beautiful pregnant person I have ever met. I was like DUDE- if it had been like that for Bri we might be having another one! Then reality SMACKED me across the face for saying such a thing. She has three beautiful kids including twin girls who are such genuine characters. I’m looking forward to posting those images soon.
Also we have a little giveaway, i think we’ll do that on Monday so do keep on the look out for that. It is Photography related as it should be over here.

The next few weeks are gonna be a doozy I have two seminars, a field trip with Cammy, TWO additional maternity shoots and This months boudoir shoot!!! I am soooo excited. If you are a bride reading this you get a lovely little discount if you book this particular session. If you are interested in booking a session during my marathon boudoir session This Aug 23rd and 24th please shoot me an email at Pinxit photo at gmail dot com for information.

Why not? is a perfectly good life strategy! Be peaceful be photographed..

  • Farrell
    Posted at 07:05h, 08 August Reply

    Cammy is such a teenager stuck in the body of a four year old. What pray tell do you do with such a creature? I am not the mom to her I want to be. And I am working on that.
    Sophie is too.
    Stop it – you are a fabulous mother.

    Farrells last blog post..Material Girl

  • jaelithe
    Posted at 09:14h, 08 August Reply

    I think Cammy just knows she is one of the cutest girls on the planet. Even when she looks impish she’s adorable.

    jaelithes last blog post..Salad Days

  • abunslife
    Posted at 16:34h, 08 August Reply

    It’s nice to hear a life update…..I’ve got a “creativity” award for you….plus I gave you little plug. Well deserved.

  • Jakki
    Posted at 09:02h, 09 August Reply

    You have very beautiful girls…their expressions are….EXPRESSIONABLE…LOL. I love it.

    I understand the restless spirit…I feel my spirit started to twitch and come alive…wanting more…’seeing’ more.

    Jakkis last blog post..

  • TiTo
    Posted at 20:40h, 09 August Reply

    Bri looks just like her daddy. She is such a little lady in the pic. I really wish you had pictures of the chicken sausage incident. I so loved that. It is burned in my brain. Again I say, Cammie can’t take a bad picture. She’s beautiful. She looks like you. No matter what you say, you have the dream team at home. Your the lucky one, cause your gonna be one of those people who will have it all and will have earned it. Love that you posted the Vin de Set pics. Tony looks sexy as hell to me but I am biased. Also I have three new man crushes, Adam, your husband and Maurice. Maurice is so freaking fabulous. Holla back at me. Sign me up for the boudoir session. I’m in. What I got to do?

    Love you

  • Vanessa
    Posted at 16:36h, 10 August Reply

    Good to see you again hon, and great pictures! I love looking through them. 😀

    Vanessas last blog post..Chicken, children, and chores, oh my!

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